These Raven Skies ``Soul On Fire``

These Raven Skies ``Self Titled`` Debut


“And he (Jeff Martin) propels them into the big leagues. The album is a big, slick, classic rock record in every sense of the term, one that recalls everyone from Led Zeppelin and The Allman Brothers to Canadian acts such as Junkhouse and, yes, The Tea Party.”  – Mike Bell, Calgary Herald.

5 out of 7. Perfect for a hung-over Sunday morning! Relaxed describes these nine songs the best. Outstanding atmosphere and feel is favored over a brutal guitar assault, putting them in the same company as The Tea Party. Album stand-outs include the Indian tinged ‘The Garden’ and ‘Emily & Alick’ which rocks with Led Zeppelin flair” – Metal Hammer Magazine (Germany)

One listen of their new album, and you will surely hear a depth seldom heard, an expertise in playing that would be attributed to a much older band!  The structure of each song shows a musical maturity, but a freshness as well.  Plus, there is nothing on this album that cannot be performed live–promising us that their live shows will be thunderous, yet intimate!” – Bruce Atkinson, Under the Lights Rock Reviews (UK)

4.5 out of 5. A fun album that recalls Pump era Aerosmith and Jane’s Addiction at times. The slightly psychedelic classic rock album rocks with southern flair and is punctuated by the charming ‘Emily & Alick’ – a Led Zeppelin meets Kings of Leon affair.” – Entertaim.Net (Germany)

“In terms of style, this is delicious Moroccanroll that should please fans of Alice in Chains and The Tea Party. In fact, Jeff Martin of the latter band is featured in three tracks. Inspired songwriting enhanced by clever textures makes this one of the best rock releases of the year”.-  Canadian Music Blog