Should I tell you again that the water's on fire? It's a life that's misconstrued and filled with our desires...

Rain drops fell like tiny shards of illuminated glass as the sun began to emerge from behind the clouds. A gentle tune drifted lazily on the spine of the cold northerly wind, its prophetic song heralding the ending of an age. Returning from a four year sojourn, These Raven Skies fly high again with their distinct brand of mystic rock, forged in the fires of adversity and tempered by the sage production skills of Mr. Jeff Martin of The Tea Party.

“These Raven Skies”, the band’s debut album received international critical acclaim for seamlessly integrating barroom party anthems with Crowley inspired esoteric elements and even eastern mysticism, for an all encompassing hard rock meets world music experience. TRS’ single “No Need to Worry” even caught the attention of Motely Crüe’s Nikki Sixx, who declared it one of his Top Sixx picks for 2015!

As one age ends and another begins, a new album is born and These Raven Skies return with Soul on Fire (TBA 2020). Jeff Martin once again reprises his role as producer, as TRS paints epic soundscapes of long forgotten kingdoms, rollicking fields of emerald green, and straight up down on your luck rock ‘n roll mayhem. Prepare for new ethereal sounds and cathartic hard rock, infused with late 60’s psychedelia.

``These Raven Skies with producer Jeff Martin at The Recording Oasis``